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It's Virtual Reality!

QuickTime VR is Apple Computer's award-winning photorealistic cross-platform virtual reality technology that makes it possible to explore places and things as if you were really there. All major applications that play QuickTime movies can also play QuickTime VR movies.

At the intersection of commercial photography and new media technology, QuickTime VR moves the photographic image from the flat, 2D world into a more immersive experience, complete with 3D imagery and interactive components.

Interactive content design and immersive imaging allow the viewer to explore and examine detailed virtual worlds using a computer and mouse, not cumbersome goggles, headsets or gloves.

Join over 25 million QuickTime users and experience for yourself the hottest technology on the Internet. Visitors to your web site likely have QuickTime already installed, no need to download additional plugins.

Rhino Technologies can capure your scene or objects and professionally render them in the QTVR format for inclusion on your web site or a CD-ROM, no matter how big! Click an image below for an example.

But first, if you can't spin the Rhino at the top of the page, you'll need QuickTime installed.  


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