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It was 1980 when I signed up for a weeklong summer camp at Southern Illinois University. It was a computer camp. Geek Teens. From Marion, I drove 20 miles to Carbondale every day by 8 a.m. and Kim, who also lived in Marion rode with me. We used the mainframe to learn to program in BASIC. (and play Star Trek)

I finished all my assignments ahead of everyone else and was assigned a very special challenge. Wendy's was new in our area and aside from their square hamburgers, what was special about them then was that you were encouraged to special order a burger with any number of items. My programming task for camp was to write a BASIC program, using for-next loops because that was the only skill we had, to print out every possible combination of a Wendy's hamburger. (i.e. cheese; cheese & pickles; cheese & pickles & onions; etc) Needless to say, it was a long print out.

Very soon after that I enrolled in a night class through John A. Logan College on the Apple II computer at Pro Computer in Carbondale. It was taught by Craig Martin. My good buddy "Oz" enrolled also. Again, I drove each week as he was just 15 and 1/2. Since we were the only people under 35 in the class we were quickly labeled the wiz kids. Our own Marion High School received three Apple II computers very soon after and Tim enrolled in the class (and became the instructor for all practical purposes) while I took physics and choir.

Time passed, and in 1985 I joined a retail store located in University Mall called Computer Corner. They were becoming the leading local Apple Dealer. I was the Apple Certified Desktop Publishing Specialist and the Network Specialist. My certification in these areas kept us in the good graces of Apple Computer. I initiated and coordinated a number of third party student buy programs to go with our new Higher Education Purchase Plan from Apple Computer. As the outside sales person, I supervised the conversion to Macintosh of five local newspapers and two small ad agencies. And I loved the Kaypro PC's that we carried. With an AppleTalk network card installed, they made awesome peripherals for a Macintosh because their hard disks were big and cheap! (You can ask me for details on how I did this!)

I sold six Macintosh II computers to the SIU Daily Egyptian and they later ended up employing me full-time to run the show. Since 1989, the Daily Egyptian and School of Journalism have grown into a mixed network where I support over 160 microcomputers and file servers. I have lead us into electronic imaging solutions and we have long had the capability to do four color separations in-house from our imagesetter. My recommendation to apply for the a New Media Center grant was accepted by the college, I worked on the technical specifications, and the original proposal has blossomed into two such "crown jewels" on the campus. My recommendation to provide space to Apple Computer for sales and verification of student ID provided a lab of computers and a revenue stream for the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts.

I created the first web version of the Daily Egyptian in 1995. We had the first live web cam in Southern Illinois. We had the first calendar of events. My idea for the Dawg House housing guide has been a boon to local property rental agents and students coming to Carbondale. We now have over 16,000 articles online, publish unedited-for-length stories daily when school is in session, deliver over 40,000 banner ad impressions per month,

The Daily Egyptian web site was recognized as one of ten national finalists for the Associated Collegiate Press Online Pacemaker award in October of 2000. The award is based on design, ease of navigation, graphics, writing & editing, and interactivity. This is like the Pulitzer prize for college newspapers. There is no higher honor and the competition is nationwide and very competitive.

I've also worked as an Apple Authorized Product Representative supporting mass merchants such as Sears, Circuit City, and the late Montgomery Ward and Silo. Starting in 1992 as one of the very first Retail Apple Reps, there are only a couple of people in the country who can possibly have more time the program than myself. I met the other two or three at the 1996 MacWorld where we were presented a small award for four years of service. I am a founding member of the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce Technical Subcommittee and we were responsible for creating the chamber web site.

Rhino Technologies is my consulting business and in the past I have worked for;

Times Publishing, Peoria, IL- recommending and installing all new equipment at a group of weekly newspapers.

Cache River Press, Vienna, IL- training and template design for a textbook.

Mariah Boats, Benton, IL - system consultant to the previous marketing director.

American Publishing, Murphysboro, IL - recommending and installing new equipment and network.

1st Bank of Illinois, Marion, IL- recommending and installing new equipment and network.

Rotary Club of Carbondale Carbondale, IL - Interactive web site creation and design.

Jerkins Creative Consulting Benton, IL - web site design, system consultant and installations of new equipment.

Communications Express, Carbondale, IL - web site design

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My house is near a lake and when conditions are right, (the boat is working, I have both a driver and a spotter who want to play, and it's not too windy or cold) I've been known to really enjoy "cutting glass."
My dog is part Collie and part Chow-Chow. She has the most wonderful temperament. She barks rarely but loves to chase rabbits and caught one once. She is always excited to meet someone new yet never jumps on you or licks you. Speaking of licking, her tongue has black spots on it. I wish I could get a photo because it looks like she's been chewing on an ink pen. And she lays in the flower boxes.
The last time I jumped off a cliff, Clinton was President. But I'm ready to go again.
A fish I caught in Melbourne Florida with my buddy Jim. Ok, ok... I caught it in an antique shop.

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